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Moving into a new space or renovating an existing space can be an overwhelming task. You will need to consider; what items are reusable, what will fit into the new space and especially how to keep your staff productive and motivated during the change process.
Polston Commercial Furnishings provides you with a variety of services that can make the moving and change process as stress free and productive as possible. Allow us to handle the details so that you can get back to business.

Space Planning

Polston Commercial Furnishings provides customized space planning services using our CAD (Computer Aided Design) based software to create a detailed visual design you can imagine working with. We can work directly with your architect or create a new floor plan from scratch to provide a comprehensive space solution.
Our extensive space planning, design background and immense knowledge of the furniture industry is matched with our established relationships with local architects.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible solution for your space and working environment every time. We follow up every step of the way and as the space is completed, field measurements are taken to assure that all items will fit into your design as expected, avoiding any unexpected delays.

Project Management

As your project manager, we are involved with the complete timeline and the overall logistics of the project with a proven step-by-step approach. We work alongside your construction team to make sure we are aware of all timelines and to stay on task of your goals.

As your project manager, we also ensure that all manufacturers and third-party companies are all on the same page. This assures you that the product will arrive as needed and that the installation runs smoothly.

We coordinate the arrival of shipments at your site, assure that the site can accept the product, verify elevators and then manage the installation crew. Staging areas and cardboard disposal facilities are also planned and set up for

you. After the installation, your project manager will do a detailed walk through with the lead installer to resolve any issues or concerns that may arise and resolve them quickly. If any concerns cannot be resolved onsite, your project manager will compile a punch-list to present to the client.

It is the project managers responsibility to follow through with the punch-list items and take the appropriate steps to resolve any issues or concerns on that list.

Inventory Management

Do you have product at several locations?

Polston Commercial Furnishings will inventory and utilize your existing product as needed before any new product is ordered.

Do you frequently tear down systems furniture for reconfigures and have lots of parts and pieces? Due to our extensive knowledge of systems furniture, we are also able to use your existing parts and pieces, and only order the parts or items that you specifically need.

Step #1: Product Specification

The specification of the product for your project is probably the most important part of the process, therefore we make sure we start off on the right foot. We begin with scheduled programming meetings to collect your information and gather details about the needs for the space and your initial design intent.

After the initial design and floor plans are reviewed and approved, we compile budgetary investment pricing for you.
Once the budget is approved, we move forward in finalizing the furniture layouts, overall design, along with the selection of fabrics and finishes.

Step #2 Procurement

Once all decisions have been made for your space and design, it is time to put together purchase orders and start the procurement process.

Our team will then issue purchase orders, recheck and verify those order for accuracy, and then track the orders in-house at the factory up until the carrier delivers merchandise to our warehouse.

Once the product is received at the warehouse, it will be checked and inventoried to confirm all of the product has arrived as ordered. We also check for any missing parts and/or freight damage. If there is freight damage, our team processes and files a freight claim immediately with the carrier.

Step #3 Installation

Our professional installation teams are first class. They help us ensure that everything runs smoothly and looks great. Our teams deliver your merchandise to the site, unbox, assemble and install your items professionally. They also do their best to accommodate any changes that may be required while at the job site and get your installation completed as planned.

Our team finishes up by wiping down and cleaning everything so when you are ready to move in to your newly designed, professionally installed space … you can get back to work, back on track, better than before.
Polston Commercial Furnishings offer a wide variety of services that will make the planning and executing of your new space worry and stress free.

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